piv_wrdb_shoak_hero_RGB72The Loft wardrobe door system from Pivotech gives you the choice of three sleek designs that can be coupled with mirror, coloured glass, melamine and timber infill panels.

This system is fresh and Australian designed. The three frame variations are available in a wide selection of metal finishes and colours to compliment your choice of panel and overall scheme. Your Pivotech reseller can combine timber doors with solid coloured panels, glass or mirror to provide interest and contrast to suit your design brief.

Pivotech Wardrobe doors are proudly designed and Australian made from premium quality materials. Your local Pivotech reseller can advise you on the best Pivotech product for your needs. A professionally designed and installed wardrobe system can be customised to suit your room.

You will find the Spacerobe providing years of trouble free service in thousands of homes across Australia.

The Spacerobe wardrobe system has a more traditional design which incorporates a grip stile handle. This handle is incorporated in the frame and runs vertically along the entire edge of the wardrobe door.

The Spacerobe wardrobe profiles are available in a wide range of finishes and colours. The Spacerobe Wardrobe system can be adapted to a multitude of different infill panels from 4mm glass up to 10 mm plasterboard. hardware.

The wheels and guides used for the Spacerobe systems are of exceptional quality. Tracking wheels are made from hard wearing nylon mounted on a ball bearing axle. Pivotech designed simplicity will provide many years of trouble free service.
Space: the final frontier in the home.

Whether it’s figuring out how to maximise space in a small home, getting the whole family more organised or downsizing your living space to reduce your carbon footprint, IMPACT Glass wardrobe systems deliver sensible storage solutions with design freedom. Our quality wardrobes efficiently utilise space and can transform the look of a room simply by sliding the doors closed.

IMPACT Glass wardrobes are customised for the available space and how it will be used. At IMPACT Glass we will talk with you about the room, how you want the space to function and the overall flow. We will recommend the design options most suited to achieve your goals and we will work together to create the perfect style for your home
SPACEROBE Wardrobe door systems provided by IMPACT Glass

Wardrobes designed and manufactured by IMPACT Glass wrap practical storage in a beautiful, durable package. As building design adapts to make use of precious space, a smart approach to wardrobes and storage must be applied. This does not have to lead to a compromise in style and aesthetics.
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